Most of buttons on my joined page were made by me. A few were taken from the fanlistings that they represent. If you see a code that you know didn't come from your fanlisting, I made it, and you are very much welcome to use it for your fanlisting (please credit me).

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 Brittany (Glee):   Claire Bennet (Heroes):   Dr. Dave Malucci (ER):   Henry Coleman (As the World Turns):   Hiro Nakamura (Heroes):   John 'JD' Dorian (Scrubs):   John Carter (ER):   Pacey Witter (Dawson's Creek):   Peter Petrelli (Heroes):   Ryan Atwood (The OC):   The Janitor (Scrubs):   Will Munson (As the World Turns):   Zach (Heroes):  

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